Virtual Classes Available:
CantonPop [MIRROR] Dance Party with Cantonese Fun Playgroup (Free event)

We will play a game called “Freeze Dance” to learn about some action verbs in Cantonese while dancing to CantonPop songs by the very famous boy group from Hong Kong – MIRROR!

August Bilingual (English & Cantonese) Circle Time Summer Camp (USD $25/family)

FOR AGES 0-3 and their caregivers; Fluency level: Any (everyone is welcome!)

This summer camp consists of 4 weekly classes. Class is on every Monday or Saturday and it will be a 30-minute LIVE lesson, both Cantonese and English will be used.

In each class, we will:

  • Sing 3-4 movement songs
  • Sing a new Cantonese number song
  • Read a new story book in Cantonese
  • **We’ll have a NEW counting song, a NEW story, and a NEW set of flashcard for EACH class!**

BONUS GOODIES for you to keep:

  • 4 sets of digital flashcards with Jyutping for you to download and use at home.
  • 30 days of online access to the class videos. Replay them at home all you want and sing and dance with your little ones!
August Sections
    • Monday Classes (Dates: Aug. 2, 9, 23, 30; No class on Aug. 16)
      • AM Class @ 9:30am PST / 12:30pm EST / 5:30pm BST
      • PM Class @ 3:30pm PST / 6:30pm EST
    • Saturday Classes (Dates: Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28)
      • AM Class @ 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm BST
    • [Full details & sign up here,  new window will open]

What’s Next?

  • How many tickets to get on Eventbrite? You will only need one ticket per household, even if you have more than one child participating.
  • After you register: We will email you the link and password to our Zoom meeting room before class. (For free classes, link will be sent out 1 day before class. For paid classes, link will be sent out 3 days before class.)
  • When you are in the Zoom meeting room: Please rename your screen name to your child’s first name/children’s first names so when it’s time for participating, we can call their names! 🙂

Our virtual playgroup aims to introduce Cantonese to non-fluent speakers and to reinforce the usage of Cantonese to fluent speakers.  Our activities will all be carried out in Cantonese to create a 100% listening and speaking environment. In our 30-minute session, we will:

  • Greetings
  • Introduce the theme of the day or instructions of the game
  • Fun activities (singing, dancing, or story reading) and/or group games!
In Cantonese:


MIRROR 廣東歌跳舞派對 (免費活動)


八月:雙語 (廣東話和英文)唱遊夏令營 




  • 唱 3-4 首帶有簡單舞蹈動作的兒歌
  • 唱一首新的廣東話數字歌
  • 閲讀一本新的中文故事書
  • **每一堂都會有新的數字歌、新的故事書、和新的一組學習卡。所以七月的教材和八月的是不同的!想看齊所有的教材?記得報名參與七月和八月的夏令營啦!**


  • 四套電子學習卡給你下載和在家使用。學習卡有粵拼。
  • 三十天的課堂影片重溫。隨時重播影片,和你的小朋友在家又唱又跳又練習廣東話!

August Sections on Mondays August 2, 9, 23, 30 (No class on Aug. 16)


  • 我應該要幾多張門票? 每個家庭只需要一張門票。即使你家裏會有多過一個小朋友參與我們的網上課堂,一張門票就可以了。
  • 報名了,之後呢? 網上課堂開始前,我們會將有關的Zoom會議室號碼和密碼電郵給你。(免費班:資料會一日前電郵給你;收費班:資料會三日前電郵給你。)
  • 登入Zoom會議室後,怎樣呢? 請你把你Zoom的名字改爲你小朋友的名字,方便上堂或玩遊戲時叫大家的名。


  • 向大家打招呼
  • 介紹每班的主題或講解遊戲規則
  • 玩益智活動(如唱歌、跳舞、講故事)和團體遊戲!