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  • [Update: October 8, 2019] Having recently returned to work from maternity leave, I am still trying to figure out how to stay afloat from the everyday busyness. 😛  Nonetheless, I am also hoping to arrange future playgroup sessions! Please stay tuned at for updates. Thank you for the patience and all the support! 🙂

Other important details:

  • Participants: Each child can be accompanied by up to 2 parents/caregivers only per session. Additional caregivers are welcome to wait in the indoor waiting area.
  • Stamp Card: Collect 9 stamps and get 1 session FREE! (This is for paid classes only; not applicable for free meet-up sessions).
  • Walk-in: Walk-in’s are welcomed if there are spots still available on the day-of. (Studio max. capacity: 30 people)
  • Parking: Street parking

Our playgroup aims to introduce Cantonese to non-fluent speakers and to reinforce the usage of Cantonese to fluent speakers.  Our activities will all be carried out in Cantonese to create a 100% listening and speaking environment. In our 45-minute session, we will:

  • Greetings and circle time (sing & dance)
  • Introduce the words of the day
  • Story time
  • Reinforce numbers and counting through music or play
  • Fun activities and group games!

Helpful flash cards with traditional Chinese characters and Cantonese pinyin (aka Jyutping) will be provided in our sessions so you can sing along!

In Cantonese:


  • 【更新:10/8/2019】剛從產假回到工作崗位,仍在努力適應。:-) 但我希望將來能安排一些活動。我會在這裡更新: 敬請留意!


  • 參與者:每小童均可連同最多兩(2)個家長/監護人參與每班的遊戲組額外的監護人可在舞蹈室外的等候室休息。
  • 優惠卡: 集滿九堂的印花,第十堂免費!(只適用於需要活動費用的課堂;免費的聚會bu
  • 沒有報名: 如當日遊戲組開始前還有名額,歡迎沒有報名的家庭參加。 (舞蹈室總人數上限:30)
  • 停車位: 兩小時免費街位
  • BB車位: 在舞蹈室的前園


  • 用音樂來向大家打招呼
  • 介紹每班的主題生字
  • 故事時間
  • 數字歌或遊戲
  • 唱歌,跳舞,玩益智活動和團體遊戲!